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What Happens When Type 1 Diabetes if Left Untreated

Type 1 diabetes occurs because of the human body’s inability to make insulin, which is a hormone made by the pancreas.

Type two diabetes usually develops because of a mix of difficulties with insulin resistance and insulin secretion.

Regardless of the type, diabetes causes an increase in the degree of blood sugar, which could ultimately affect several regions of the body, and cause quite a few health troubles.

Type two diabetes has become the most frequent kind of diabetes.

Many believe that the type two diabetes can likewise be brought on by the lack of insulin or the creation of abnormal insulin that fails to generate the desired effects.

The third sort of diabetes is known as gestational diabetes. On the other hand, it may also affect the level of triglycerides.

Type two diabetes is largely thought to occur when there’s inadequate quantity of insulin within the body.

It develops when the body does not produce enough insulin or the body does not respond to the insulin that is produced due to the faulty cells.

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